The Story So Far

TSSF TITLE and Garden BannerThe first screening of the film ‘The Story So Far’ was recently shown in the Universal Hall in Findhorn to a full capacity audience who genuinely appreciated and loved the film. The most repeated comment being, that it captured the heart of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

‘The Story So Far’ is a seventy minute documentary about the Findhorn Foundation which is an ecological and spiritual community in the North East of Scotland. This is a unique and sensitive film of courage, beauty, wisdom and hope which tells the story of the Findhorn Foundation Community through the eyes of people. The documentary features the voices of residents, fellows and visitors to the Foundation over the past 52 years.

The beautiful weaving between colourful images and words takes the viewer on a journey from the inception of the Foundation in 1962 and follows the various stages of its transformation to the present date. A feature of the film is rare archive footage and an exclusive and heartwarming interview with one of the founders, Dorothy Maclean

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The original idea for the film is the personal vision of Maria Viola Craig who has been a keen observer of the community for over thirty years and was very dissatisfied with many of the past films made about the community which she felt didn’t fully reflect the wisdom and vision of the people involved. She felt that the Findhorn Foundation had often been misrepresented in the media and on film and was determined to show a very different side of the community. The side that has been at the cutting edge of climate change issues, ecological and sustainable technology, alternative and more progressive ways of approaching many aspects of our lives, such as healing, education and business. This film reflects a community that once might have been called ‘outside the box’ or ‘new age’ whose time has now come. It also illuminates the wisdom shared by the people of this community, many of whom courageously stepped away from their careers and mainstream society to pursue and demonstrate a gentle and more sustainable way of living in the world.

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‘The Story So Far’ was produced over a period of two years 2 years and Maria is grateful for the gracious input of camera operators Alex Page, Tim Flood and James Vere Nicoll who shared the values and inspiration for the film. But most of all to Lorenz Gramann who, like Maria became totally dedicated to the film and spent the best part of two years in the editing process, which gave the film its direction and beautiful sense of continuity.

Due to the film’s success for far, Lorenz and Maria are now working closely together to produce a second film which highlights the impact and connections that The Findhorn Foundation has made worldwide, particularly in relation to other Global Eco Networks. The new film focuses on the primary values that have been at the core TITLE interdependence WEBof The Findhorn Foundation which are: Work is Love in Action, Inner Listening and co-Creation with Nature; our relation to Self, others and nature. This triangle of sustainable change explores how we as humanity can walk through the transitions that we currently face on a personal as well as a collective level, financially, socially, environmentally and spiritually.

Interdependence will feature interviews with experts of the subject like Satish Kumar, Anna Breytenbach, Christiana Figueres, Chris Johnstone and many others.

The People behind the Film

Maria Viola Craig
, has run her own company in training and development for the past 25 years, focusing on enterprise skills and personal growth. She is a director of The Moray Art Centre in Findhorn and treasurer of a community based film making group. She recently wrote and directed a short film in conjunction with this group, ‘Moving Picts’ which was screened at The Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2014. Maria has been studying and experimenting with films for a number of years.

Lorenz Gramman has a successful background as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher but over the past few years has directed his attention to film making and has been involved in the editing and production of a number of short films and documentaries.

Both Maria and Lorenz share a common aim to make films, particularly documentaries with an ethos of mindfulness, sustainability and conscious living and have formed a company, Moviola Productions Scotland Ltd. as a vehicle for these endeavours.